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National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: Mine Safety and Health Technology Award

Below is a link for flyers announcing that applications are being accepted for the 2018 NIOSH Mine Safety and Health Technology Award. The deadline for submitting an application is Aug. 1, 2018. The award recognizes a mine or company for “extraordinary achievements in applying health and safety technology in innovative ways, above and beyond mandatory requirements.” 

The winners will be recognized at the National Mining Association’s annual awards ceremony for the Sentinels of Safety and NIOSH awards recipients on, Sept. 27, 2018 in Washington, D.C. 

2018 NIOSH Mine Safety and Health Technology Award Application

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The State of US Coal

With a reduction in regulations impacting the coal industry, revenues generated by West Virginia’s coal severance taxes have been going up; however, the amount of mining each county has within its borders determine how much money it generates.

In Mercer County, the amount of money coal severance taxes raise has fluctuated between 2010 and 2017, according to figures provided by County Clerk Verlin Moye. For example, coal severance receipts showed the county receiving $170,008 in 2010, and even more in 2011 when the tax generated $299,897.

The coal tax revenues steadily decreased from the collections in 2011, dropping to $240,140 in 2012; $239,113 in 2013; then $197,076 in 2014; decreasing again to $168,706 for 2015; and $128,746 in 2016. The last full year of collections grew to $160,887 for 2017.

Collections tabulated so far in 2018 have shown some growth, Moye stated.

“So far,we have received two installments totaling $45,563, which reflects a 30 percent increase from last year (2017),” he stated.

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 Robert Murray Says His Company Will Survive Without Trump Administration's Help

Coal magnate Robert Murray, after warning his company could be pushed into bankruptcy if the Midwest coal industry failed to get a bailout from federal regulators, said he now expects his company to thrive whether or not the Trump administration intervenes.

Murray, chief executive and controlling owner of Murray Energy Corp. and a major Trump supporter, said in an interview that surging demand for coal in Asia, along with his company’s growing exports to that region, have revived his business. Growing Chinese imports, and a recovering global economy, drove up coal prices, offsetting a long-term decline in U.S. demand.

Bob Murray

Murray Energy also is ramping up sales in India with help from a London-based trading firm that the company helped open in 2015.

“I've got the best coal company in the world,” he said.

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Energy Secretary Asks National Coal Council for Report on Optimizing the Existing Coal Fleet

In his keynote address at the National Coal Council’s Spring Annual Meeting, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy, Steve Winberg announced that Secretary Rick Perry has just issued a request to the NCC to prepare a report on optimizing the existing coal fleet to ensure a reliable and resilient power grid. Winberg noted that the report would examine a range of issues that impact the existing fleet, including an outlook on the future generation mix, as well as policy, market and technological challenges and opportunities.

NCC has also been asked to prepare a separate report assessing opportunities to advance U.S. coal exports. The report will examine international market opportunities for both metallurgical and thermal coals, providing a competitive assessment of the coal market supply chain and associated infrastructure. Both reports are expected to be completed this fall.

Rick Perry

Winberg commended the NCC for the prior work it has undertaken for 6 Presidents and 11 Energy Secretaries since its inception in 1984. He noted that the lion’s share of the Administration’s FY19 budget request is targeted toward fossil energy R&D and he detailed objectives of the Agency’s Advanced Coal Energy Systems and CCUS Program (ACE Systems).

Winberg referenced a recently released National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) report on coal’s role during the winter bomb cycle. NETL found that coal provided 55% of the incremental daily generation needed across the six ISOs studied. The report also warns against overestimating the nation’s ability to respond to these kinds of weather events if the current rate of coal plant retirements continues.

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 Reducing CO2 Emissions

There is a clear pathway to zero emissions from coal. This starts with low emission coal technologies and progresses to carbon capture use and storage (CCUS).

High efficiency low emission (HELE) coal technologies are a group of technologies developed to increase the amount of energy that can be generated from a coal plant while decreasing emissions.

These technologies are in existence and commercially available today. Japan and China have been the most active in building HELE plants. According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest forecast, 675GW of these highly efficient plants will be built by 2040.

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