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NewERA Carbon Announces Wave Liquefaction Technology to Convert Coal and Natural Gas into Synthetic Oil

Fred Palmer, President and CEO, NewERA Carbon, has announced a ground-breaking new technology for converting coal and natural gas into synthetic oil, carbon fiber, petrochemicals and other materials.

Fred Palmer

“Through this transformational Wave Liquifaction technology and the miracle of electricity, we can resurrect the decimated US coal industry, reinvigorate coal communities and put coal miners back to work,” said Palmer. “We can also guarantee American energy dominance and strengthen the backbone of the US economy.”

H Quest Vanguard HQ and Lab in the University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center

Wave Liquifaction is a new way of liquifying coal using only electricity as the driving force. Wave Liquifaction was first conceived at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for production of jet fuel from coal. The initial step in the process uses only electricity to power microwave generators that create non-thermal plasmas to power the reactors. 

The product created is a thick heavy hydrocarbon liquid that becomes feedstock for making numerous oil, chemical and carbon products to meet current and future market demands. The Wave Liquifaction process itself is emissions free, creating no CO2 and using no water. The 2019 National Coal Council Study, Coal in a New Carbon Age, and DOE itself have both described this technology as “very promising”. The technology is now ready for development to scale.

Over the past decade, coal use for electricity generation has halved and many thousands of coal miners and thousands more in the coal supply chain have lost their well-paying jobs. Communities have been decimated due to reduced tax revenues, unemployment, drug use, crime and the general socioeconomic malaise that accompanies the loss of hope.

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EPA Action to Modernize Water Quality Certification Provides Much Needed Clarity

The National Mining Association (NMA) today issued the following statement from Rich Nolan, NMA President & CEO, following the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement updating regulations on Water Quality Certification.

“We hope that EPA’s action today will help end the abuse of the section 401 permitting process, which has been used to obstruct projects for reasons that had nothing to do with protecting water quality. Decisions on 401 applications have dragged out for years, putting projects in jeopardy and exacerbating the already woefully inefficient permitting process hampering so many U.S. mining projects. This new clarity on the timeframes for certification, the scope of certification review and other procedures, is an important step in promoting smart investment in our country’s natural resources and infrastructure projects.”

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New Coal Firms in Powder River Basin Stay on Track With Tax Payments

Despite a bumpy start, two of the newest coal firms to mine in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin are in compliance with tax payment plans established with state and county officials, keeping up with both delinquent and ongoing tax obligations amidst the pandemic.

Coal companies Eagle Specialty Materials and Navajo Transitional Energy remain up to date on their ad valorem, or county production tax, obligations, according to Campbell County Administrative Director Carol Seeger. The owners have also continued to comply with state severance tax dues, Wyoming’s Department of Revenue confirmed.

Eagle Butte Mine in Campbell County is shown July 25. The coal mine's owner, Eagle Specialty Materials, is now on track with its taxes after initially falling behind on payments.

Photo: Cayla Nimmo, Star-Tribune

The companies entered the basin on rocky terms, both taking on massive overdue tax liabilities upon assuming ownership of coal mines through bankruptcy auctions. Eagle Specialty Materials missed its first tax payment. But both firms appear to have since corrected course, complying with established tax obligations associated with mineral production in Wyoming.

This comes as the state faces a looming $1.5 billion revenue decline catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s more, over the past decade, the amount of county tax delinquencies for energy production increased over 1,700 percent in the state, exceeding $100 million. Over 59 percent of the total amount of delinquencies in the past decade occurred in Campbell County.

Funds collected through mineral taxes form the bulk of the state’s revenue. Missed funds can lead to budget shortfalls and cuts to schools, infrastructure and other basic public services.

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In Coal, Carbon Advances, NETL Looks to Be a Known Gem to West Virginia, Appalachia

The National Energy Technology Laboratory, located in Morgantown, West Virginia has long been a “hidden gem” in the area, according to its leadership, but its recent advancements and technologies are expanding its role in the community.

NETL Director Brian Anderson said that above all, the lab’s team focuses on how its scientific and technological strides can be applied tangibly to the way the United States deals with changes in the energy sector.

“I think one of the most important aspects of our work is the impact that we have on the nation’s energy system, the impact we have on the community, on the economy, on jobs — it really all comes down to the impact,” he said.

The work is not only about the science of energy, but also about making sure these developments can move into the changing market and be put to use, Anderson said.

“The economy and the energy sector and how much they are intertwined ... the United States has built a tremendous economy because we have had 100 years of reliable, low-cost energy resources,” he said. “Today we’re seeing dramatic shifts in the energy system.”

As the transportation and industrial sectors change, focus is moving away from traditional fossil fuels and toward new ones like natural gas or renewables like wind and solar.

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 Steeling the Nation for Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the global economy. Energy markets have been in disarray. And when many people think “coal” they think electricity. But to do so would miss a promising market that could be poised for growth as the world looks towards recovery: the market for metallurgical coal used to produce nearly 70 percent of the world’s steel.

When considering steel, think China, home to more than half of global production. China was hit with the virus first in December but it’s also where economic recovery is coming first. Chinese industry is beginning to roar back to life, and it appears that China’s economic recovery will be built upon new infrastructure spending.

To prepare for the coming infrastructure stimulus, China’s steelmakers are going into overdrive to supply the expected building boom. As the world’s dominant steel producer, this soaring steel production in China is underpinning rising global demand for metallurgical coal, a significant amount of which comes from U.S. mines.

U.S. producers – deemed an essential industry during the pandemic – are ready for China’s big build and what’s likely to be a surge in global infrastructure spending as nations look to put people back to work and get the wheels of the global economy moving in the right direction again.

Paul Lang, the CEO and president of Arch Resources Inc., recently said, "In combination with iron ore, our metallurgical products are indispensable in the primary production of steel. We expect steel to play an essential role in the revitalization of the global economy as it recovers from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the construction of a new economy supported by mass transit systems, wind turbines and electric vehicles."

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