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CoalZoom Launches Campaign "Saving US Coal"

In partnership with the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, CoalZoom is today launching a campaign called “Saving US Coal".  

The War on Coal is over and its effects are declining, and natural gas prices are increasing, so the threat to coal from an abundance of cheap gas will disappear. Thus, the greatest single threat to the future of US coal is the so-called CO2 Endangerment Finding. 

The campaign “Saving US Coal” has the single goal of generating public support and political will to repeal the 2009 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s CO2 Endangerment Finding. This will be achieved by showing clearly: 

1.       There is no observational evidence of anything unusual or unprecedented about Earth’s current warmth. 

2.       There is no real-world data confirming that flood, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes or other extreme weather events are becoming more frequent or severe due to global warming.

3.       There is no indication that the mass of polar ice sheets is declining any faster than the snail’s pace at which it has done in the recent past.

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Mine Rescue Contests Sharpen Skills

Mine Rescue Day is on October 30. The International Mines Rescue Competition will be held in Beckley, West Virginia next September.

Mine Rescue Day - Below is a message from MSHA celebrating our Mine Rescue Teams. An important part of mining history are the men and women who selflessly serve on the Mine Rescue Teams. There are approximately 300 Mine Rescue Teams serving and protecting the mines in the USA. October 30th is Mine Rescue Day. This day was selected by the Department of Labor's Mine Health and Safety Administration because of its historical significance. On October 30, 1911 the first national mine rescue demonstration was held at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, PA. It was organized by Joseph A. Holmes, who was appointed by President Taft as the first director of the U.S. Bureau of Mines. Holmes and President Taft attended this inaugural event. On Mine Rescue Day, October 30, we want to recognize and honor these courageous volunteers who put their lives on the line in the face of fire, toxic gases, explosions, water inundation and other treacherous mine emergency conditions so that other miners may live and return to their families. Please share this message with our Mine Rescue Heroes.

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Wind Turbine Waste

The answer to our energy challenges is not blowing in the wind.

CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen explains in detail at CFACT.org:

Wind “farms”? Like some cute, rustic Old McDonald family farm? Are you kidding me? These would be massive offshore electricity factories, with thousands, even millions, of turbines and blades towering 500-700 feet above the waves. Only a certifiable lunatic, congenital liar, complete true believer, would-be global overseer or campaign-cash-hungry politician could possibly repeat this IEA hype – or call these wind energy factories renewable, sustainable or eco-friendly.

Take a look at Driessen's full account.  The case against wind turbines is overwhelming, as countries such as Spain and Germany have already found out to their detriment.  Their citizens are revolting and subsidies have been slashed.

Wind energy is expensive, intermittent, inefficient, highly subsidized, born from the dirtiest strip mines on Earth and kills birds.  When they wear out they can't be recycled.

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American Resources Boosts Production Efficiencies as it Integrates Perry County, Kentucky Resources

American Resources Corporation (NASDAQ:AREC) said Thursday that it is executing on improving production efficiencies and integrating its newly acquired operating subsidiary Perry County Resources (PCR) into its existing platform.

Perry County Resources is the company's fifth carbon processing and logistics complex and is located in eastern Kentucky, near the town of Hazard.

American Resources supplies raw materials to the global infrastructure marketplace and focuses on growth by leveraging core mining permits and strategic acquisitions

On October 1, American Resources closed the acquisition of PCR as part of the chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings of Cambrian Holding Company Inc.

American Resources management has a proven track record of successfully taking over high cost operations and restructuring them in short order, while maximizing the core value of the operations.

In an update, American Resources laid out a detailed strategic plan to boost efficiencies, performance and profitability to re-establish the PCR complex as a thriving entity in all cycles of the carbon market.

American Resources said it has been able to cut significant costs, and allocate resources to upgrade the complex, while ensuring the productivity of the workforce for long-term job creation in the area.

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Fuel In(Security)

“A group of well-resourced hackers have been combing through the networks of the gas pipeline operator for almost a year, harvesting crucial information. Now the hackers know the network better than the pipeline company does: every piece of equipment, the company’s entire workforce, usernames and passwords. They have the privileges needed to access both the firm’s desktop computers and the machinery of the pipeline itself. Now they are ready to strike.” So begins the opening of a new oral history of a hypothetical cyberattack written by MIT Technology Review.

This oral history, while chronicling an event that hasn’t happened, makes for gripping if disturbing reading. It’s a timely reminder of the new and growing threat to our grid and energy supply. It’s also an important reminder that a balanced and resilient supply of energy – a system with built-in redundancies – has never been more important.

And yet, for all the new focus on cybersecurity, or rather cyber-insecurity, our balanced mix of resources is disappearing. The nation’s reliance on just-in-time fuel sources has never been greater. Fuel-secure coal plants, with weeks of fuel on site, that have proven invaluable to shoring up the grid during periods of peak electricity demand, continue to be pushed off the grid.

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